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Board of Directors

Mr. Kasiraman Sayee Sundar Managing Director
Ms. Lakshmiprabha Kasiraman Director
Mr. Nangavaram Mahadevan Ranganathan Independent Director
Mr. Kannimangalam Subramanyan Vaidyanathan   Independent Director

Board of Directors reconstituted the Board due to the change in the promoters and the shareholding pattern of the Company.

The following are the new members of the Board of Directors:
Managing Director:

Mr. Kasiraman Sayee Sundar, Managing Director of the Company, over 3 decades of experience in Real Time Embedded Systems & Firmware Development and was involved in several Projects in Europe and USA for Multi-National Companies like Siemens Elema, IBM. Currently working on a proto type for a low cost Photo Bio Reactor (PBR) for Algae Cultivation which will be a major game changer in the Bio Technology Industry.


Ms. Lakshmiprabha Kasiraman, Director of the Company, Developed and Implemented Software Solutions in Various Leading Software Companies.

Mr. N. M. Ranganathan, Director and Independent Director of the Company, Over 2 decades as Consultant in Management, Administration, Finance and Legal Affairs.

Mr. K. S. Vaidyanathan, Director and Independent Director of the Company, Advocate in Continuous Practice since 1991

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